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Welcome to Afridi Travels & Tourism L.L.C.

Afridi Travels & Tourism (ATNT) is a tourism organization approved by the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Ministry. From our humble beginnings in this sector in 2001, we have emerged today as one of the leading destination and event management companies in Dubai. Our growth as a company has paralleled the growth of the marvel that is Dubai today. Our company philosophy has emerged from this unique vision of a city’s transition from its beginnings as a coastal trading center to the most sought after tourist destination in the world. The transition has not come overnight. It has been a long grueling road, and achieved in the end only by the Ruler’s single minded vision to place his city on the top of the world destination map.

Our Core Principle

That philosophy has differentiated us in your eyes, and is reflected in our core principle: Give our customers an unforgettable experience; give them a historical perspective too.

People from all over the world have made Dubai their home. Though a Muslim country, Dubai is highly tolerant of all faiths, fairly liberal, and extremely business friendly. In essence, this is a true multi-cultural city. Our employees are perfect examples of this multi-cultural facet. We take great pride in the multi-ethnicity of our staff. We have drawn on their inputs when trying to understand the needs of our customers from similar backgrounds. They are our indispensible assets.

Afridi Group

ATNT is part of the Afridi group of companies, a diversified business involving advertising, trading, and rent-a-car services.

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